It was born from a dream, the special circumstances and the fate of people living on the outskirts made it possible.

On 1986 we started to think about living in the countryside with the purpose of having some birds. It look us long time to find this 7.5 has, which it was only a place of gravel and rubbish, with holes full of water and wild vegetation, but more than any thing, there was a lot of rubbish. Any way the very good news about this land was its location, very near to Doñana´s park in the middle of the emigration route and lot of water.

After we discover this place, our plans of life changed, so we took the decision to buy the land and to restore it and save it for the birds.

To work with this kind of ground so gravely mean very hard work, not only physical and technical, but also economical. The result were worth it, because we have turn a rubbish place into an very important wetland with a high biodiversity where there are an important number of species in danger of extinction. Also it is an opinion chosen for the birds that came to stay during the winter season at Doñana and also for another species that stay nest.

This action over the land took us to be declared servant natural reserve in 1991, the first declared in Spain, anda t the moment, “Cañada de los pájaros” is included on the RENPA (natural network space of andalucia).