We develop scientific captivity breeding projects in our facilities. These projects are mainly addressed to the breeding of the Focha Cornuda (Fulica Cristata). It’s been possible to recover wildlife (different bird species) in places where they had already disappeared.

There are more bird species in danger of extinction which are also included in reproduction programs.The Cerceta Pardilla (Marmaron etta angustirostris), the gaviota picofina (Larus Genei), the Malvasía (Oxyura Leucocephala), the Garcilla Cangrejera (Ardeola Ralloides) and much more. We participate in bird ringing campaigns, bird census, marking tests….

We cooperate with universities and different entities as the Biological Station of Doñana


  • The Focha cornuda, or Focha moruna or Gallareta crestúa, as it is called in the Guadalquivir marsh.

This specie was in danger of extinction in Spain at the beginning of the 90s (it has never existed on the rest of Europe). Our program is working since 1990 and we have released 500 specimen in different marsh lands around Andalucia.

  • The common Crane is a slender and elegant specie. It is very intelligent and used to breed in Spain until the 50s. Those marsh lands where considered unhealthy and insalubrious and the politics applied were oriented to the drying of the marsh lands. This was a huge shock for the species living in the marsh lands. It even harmed other species that used Spanish lands for the breeding of their young. For example: The Tarro canelo, the Porrón moñudo or the Porrón pardo. The Crane breeding program started 10 years ago using a couple of Cranes. They want to establish a reproduction core in the marsh lands of Guadalquivir. Nowadays we are working with 9 specimen breed in captivity. We hope to see them breed again in the marsh lands of Doñana or in any other marsh land in Andalucia.

There are a lot of different species that are also grown up in our breeding facilities, for example: The Cerceta Pardilla, the Calamon, the Gaviota Picofina or the Tarro Canelo.